Filta Rowenta SMS Multi Layered Vacuum Cleaner Bags 5 PK (F047)



Maintain your vacuum and keep your home or office clean with the Filta Vacuum Cleaner Bags to suit NZ vacuum cleaners. The unique SMS multi layered technology provides superior dust capture, ensuring you are always sucking up dirt and dust keeping your home or office clean.

1612, Allegro, Ambia, Estrem, Optimo, Premio, Swing, Swingo, Vac'n Polish, RB01, RB02, RB05, RB10-13, RB15, RB16, RB18-25, RB33, RB111, RB318, RS05, RS100-599, RZ75, Super 1000, TB01, TB02, TB05, ZR17, ZR76,194/808, 865/478,2000 - 5000 ALT, Ancienne, Vecchio,315.048,4610, 4615, 4616, 4620, 4645, 4650, 4655,A-Class A110EL, A120EL, C120EL / AUTO, C150EL, C180EL, C180 Turbo EL, C-KLASSE, B.C120EL, Diplomat IC116, S-200,Aurora 430, E 1400, Whisper 430,Cobra, 1200-1250 Electronic, 1280 Telecontr.,Compacto, Floorline, Maximum Radel XTC12, XTC13E, XTC14E, XTC15E, 1200, 1200E, 1300, 1300E, 1400, 1400E, XTL135E, 145E, XTCN, XTR1300, SUN16E, 130, 135, 145,Diamond, Micro Vario, Prestige, Ruby, Trendline, Maximus, Allergica,KVC1400,Master,SV76,VC3100,VC3100R, FB810, FB1000

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