Knife Blade EVO Power Black Blades 18mm 10 pack



The EVO 18mm Black Utility Knife Blade is designed to use for flooring, drywall and insulation applications. 0.5 mm thick blade has a heat-tempered steel construction for added durability. Honed design of the blade gives a better cutting angle for accurate results. Blade makes full use of the cutting depth with less force for longevity. It has the most sharpest and strongest blade in the industry. The black blades cut deeper, more easily and through tougher materials with ease. Safer and easier to use knife effectively speeds up workflow, sold as 10 per pack.

  • Suitable to use for flooring, drywall and insulation applications
  • Our KDS EVO black blades are designed, engineered and manufactured in Japan to the same exacting standards as the iconic samurai sword
  • Independent testing of our blades has shown that the KDS EVO black blade is the sharpest and strongest in the industry
  • The steel used in the manufacture of our blades is also the finest steel available in the world
  • This SK2 grade steel is extremely pure with very minimal impurities
  • High purity level means that the carbon grains will be denser, each blade is heat treated
  • Sharp blade speeds up workflow and saves time
  • Less downtime and blade handling
  • Longer life, works out cheaper

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