Kyle/Caskade Products LD 1000 - Waterborne Concrete Coating 5L



LD-1000 Concrete Seal is used in light industrial and commercial areas, consisting of foot traffic and manual pallet jacks. LD-1000 provides an easy to maintain, tough glossy finish while eliminating concrete dusting. Provides excellent resistance to water and most chemicals. Easy to apply, dries in 1.5 hours with excellent adhesion to concrete. No acid etch of concrete required prior to application. As with any concrete coating, a clean, dry surface is required for adequate adhesion. 2-3 coats are recommended. Coverage: 100m per 5L
  • Concrete Seal for Light-Duty Use
  • Adheres to Concrete without Etching
  • Easy to Apply
  • Coverage: 900 square Feet
  • Water based, Low Odor
  • Indoor use only

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